We Are –

Greg Robbins


Greg Robbins is RDM's Founder and CEO. He's a Director, Editor, Writer and Producer for branded content and advertising specializing in luxury brands. Greg's approach is known for engaging viewers, inspiring action and connecting clients with their audience. You can watch Greg's work on primetime broadcast all hours of the day.

Our Team

Carol Mazzoni

Head of Production

Carol Mazzoni is RDM's Head of Production. She's worked as a Creative Producer in over 100 critically acclaimed films, television series, commercials and digital content all around the globe. She's a proud member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS).

Kyle Smith


Kyle Smith is RDM's Producer. He's an accomplished, dynamic, hands-on and self-motivated Multimedia Producer with 35 years of production management experience. Kyle's an strategic decision-maker capable of overseeing multiple projects while managing the details of each client’s unique productions.

Chris Fanning

Director of Photography

Chris Fanning is RDM's Director of Photography. He's filmed countless award-winning commercials throughout his career. Chris operates the latest and most high-end cinema cameras, camera support equipment and anything else you could possibly need.